Browser Smackdown

New series: Browser Smackdown

Like many designers and developers (I’m sure), I’ve found myself stuck in a browser rut. Every time I find a new one, I’m always super excited about the different features and quirks they offer but, at the end of the day, I still rely on Chrome as my window to the world wide web.

No more! Beginning today, for the sake of science and personal growth, I shall use a different browser each week, all week, pitting big and small against each other in a battle royale I can only refer to as Browser Smackdown!

The idea began long ago, when I ran across a mind-altering quote in an unassuming article:

Content does not fill a website; a website is the stage upon which designers present content.Ben Gremillion

If Mr. Gremillion’s words are true (and I believe them to be), the web browser, then, is the theater the stage is built upon.

In the world of web design, the browser is much more than a canvas. It becomes the senses through which you experience the rest of the world. The browser is essential; to rely on only one is to deny myself a similar experience shared by thousands of potential users.

The Rules

It’s simple: I’ll only use one browser for my browsing for an entire week. At the end of that week, I’ll write a post detailing my experience with the browser.

I’ll have to figure out where I stand on using mobile versions of browsers at the same time. I think each should get its own day.

To start with, I’m going to be testing my old standby Firefox. I hear great things have been happening with this browser and I’m curious to see how it feels.

I’m most excited about two new(ish) browsers from the Opera camp: Vivaldi and Opera Coast. But they’ll have to wait their turns.

Since I’m a Mac guy, the old behemoth Internet Explorer will also have to wait until I can get it running on my machine.

Without further nonsense, let’s get browsing!

Arrested Development gif from NewsCred.

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