Military & Veteran Success Center

Military and Veteran Success Center

The Military & Veteran Success Center provides resources and advising to veteran and active duty military students at UNL. The main goal of their website is to compile all of the dispersed information for veterans (from transferring credits to receiving VA benefits) into one easy-to-use resource.

You couldn’t hope to meet a friendlier, harder working, more dedicated guy than Darrell, the director of the Military & Veteran Success Center. He wanted his site to be easy to use and patriotic without being over-the-top.

Nostalgic, yet modern

Once again using a piece of print promotional material from a fellow UNL designer as inspiration, I crafted a nostalgic, muted color palette that works well for modern photos as well as historic ones. My favorite part about the colors (which were taken from the weathered flag photo) is the subtle gradient from the top to the bottom of each page, beginning with the dark version of the UNL tan color and dissolving into the branded cream.

Resources and contact cards

For the Campus Resources page, I used a clean two-column layout and round photos for each resource.

The Campus Resources page on the Military & Veteran Success Center website

On the Student Veteran Peer Mentors page, each mentor gets a card, which accordions open to reveal more information.

Student Veteran Peer Mentors on the Military & Veteran Success Center website