Dance Lincoln

Dance Lincoln

My wife Tiara is a brilliant dance instructor. She’s certified in 19 dances and has 10 years of experience. When we moved to Lincoln, NE, she started her own studio and began teaching independently. I leapt at the opportunity to help build her brand. This is Dance Lincoln.

Her mission is simple: to raise the dance standard in the community and to provide honest, quality service. Since the site had to host information about classes and events and a blog, I turned to WordPress to help me with the heavy lifting.

Dance Lincoln home page
The home page at

Tiara wanted her web presence to be friendly and usable but have an exclusive, nightclub-esque quality. Her business competition, which has been operating for decades, does not have a very clear architecture to their site. Tiara was willing to bet that a clean site would give her the edge as the new kid in town.

In the final version of the site, I chose a (very) dark gray background to make the site feel sexy. The dark background also helps to make the brand orange, blue, and green pop, which amps up the fun factor.

The Events archive at Dance Lincoln
The Events page at

For the headlines, I chose Superclarendon, a web version of the classic Clarendon font made famous by its use in many jazz recordings, including Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Clarendon has a rich history in literature as well, which gives the Dance Lincoln site a modern, yet timeless feel. Body copy and subheads are all set in Lato because, well, Lato freaking rocks.

Dance Lincoln Custom Post Types
Dance Lincoln custom post types and icons

I created three custom post types: Group Classes, Events, and Announcements. The Events and Group Class post types allow for further branding by using posters as featured image thumbnails. Registration for events and classes is handled through good, ol’ fashioned Google Forms.

When Tiara asked a few wedding couples and group class attendees why they chose Dance Lincoln over the other dance studios in town, they answered, “Because of the website.” Looks like she bet right.