Browser Smackdown

New series: Browser Smackdown

Like many designers and developers (I’m sure), I’ve found myself stuck in a browser rut. Every time I find a new one, I’m always super excited about the different features and quirks they offer but, at the end of the day, I still rely on Chrome as my window to the web world.

No more! Beginning today, for the sake of science and personal growth, I shall a different browser each week, all week, pitting big and small against each other in a battle royale I can only refer to as Browser Smackdown!

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Dance Lincoln

Dance Lincoln: A New Website

I’ve been working on a website for a very important client.

Dance Lincoln is the newest, greatest thing to happen to the dance scene in Lincoln, NE since, well, EVAR.

Your lovely, talented, impossibly patient instructor, Tiara, has a plan to freshen up dancing in Lincoln by offering classes and social events geared toward usability. Instead of focusing on the minutiae of stodgy dances from the Elizabethan era, Tiara has chosen to specialize in modern, living, breathing social dances you can actually use in any occasion.

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Editing HTML by hand

Spelling and Grammar: More Than Just a Squiggly Red Line

The modern era of the Internet is a postmodern anthropologist’s dream: everyone has a voice, contributing to the grand scheme of our culture, both local and global. We’ve progressed from the “look at me” early days of LiveJournal and the Open Diary to full-blown social media integration. From the quick quips of Twitter to branded, lengthy WordPress blogs (like this one!) to primarily pictorial modes of social media like Instagram, it’s undeniable that there is a need in our culture to connect to a network, to read and feel read.

Take a trip to your local search engine or news site and you’ll see that blogs are being regarded as reputable sources of information, a far cry from their humble “here’re my favorite bands” beginnings. For us Internet folk, keeping a blog is an integral part of our hire-ability; blogs give potential employers a glimpse of our personalities as well as show that we know what goes on under the hood.

But this post isn’t a sprawling love letter to social media. No, this post is far nit-pickier than that.

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